Cross Country

Cross Country
AKA Out Of Stadium (OOS) or Winter Competition is held in the winter months between April and September each year. We compete in the local interclub competition organised by Athletics South and runs occur in and around Hobart, Tasmania. Races are every Saturday starting at 10am with two distances to choose from. It is great for all the family (10 and older) – some people prefer to make it a social event, whilst others enjoy the competition. The program is designed to fit around the major Tasmanian fun runs.

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Download the pdf Calendar for winter 2017 includes descriptions of each location we visit.

Cross Country is back again in 2017 with first event at Bellerive Beach on the 1st April 2017, registration is just $50 (Out Of Stadium) through our club portal. See upcoming events on the side menu for details about the next race.

Here are the details on the 2017 Athletics South Cross-Country Season.

Entry Procedures
All Athletics South events start at 10:00am and most events give participants the choice of two distances. Entries should be received no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the race. The entry procedure involves completing the entry sheet for your age division and the distance you have chosen. You will also need to fill in a race tag (name and distance), which will be issued to you as you pay your entry ($3). Race tags are collected  as participants finish the race and are used to record your time.

All Athletes must be registered to compete, as per the requirements of Athletics Tasmania. Athletes who have not been registered since 2014 may compete on one occasion only in OOS competition without registering – refer to the Club Registrars for conditions and fees.

The season includes a number of competition options including the AS Premiership for clubs and individuals, Athlete of the Season, The Robin Hood Award, Cross Country,Road  and Handicap Championships.

AS Premiership (Winter/OOS) – Men and Women
This work basically the same as track & field – Club Points are allocated as 1st=6, 2nd=5, 3rd=4, 4th=3, 5th=2, 6th=1 in each Premiership round base of total points. Each season there is around 18 rounds to decide the Premiership. In each round the total Points will be awarded to the first seven runners in each of the five age divisions (U/15, U/20, O/20, O/40 and O/50), in both Men and Women, according to the following schedule: 1st=10, 2nd=8, 3rd=6, 4th=5, 5th=4, 6th=3, 7th=2 and then every finisher after 7th place will receive 1 point. Age as at 1 April each year will determine age Division for entire season. Premiership rounds are normally marked with *. To view current season click here.

Athlete of the Season
In each of the Premiership Round, Points are award towards the Athlete of the Season will be allocated the first six male and female finishers in each premiership race, on the following basis: 1st=6, 2nd=5, 3rd=4, 4th=3, 5th=2, 6th=1. The male and female Athletes of the Season will be determined by the total of points scored.

Merit Award
In each of the Premiership Round, votes cast on the day on a 3,2,1 basis by two people. These are based primarily on personal performance and should give every athlete an opportunity to receive votes.

The Robin Hood Award
Is based on the Most improved athlete for winter season and is voted on by a panel at the end of the season after looking at personal performance over the season.

Cross Country and Road Champions
Awards will be made to athletes in each division who score the greatest number of points, with the best four rounds to count only, in the designated Road and Cross Country Championship races. All athletes may enter either the longer or shorter race of the day except for U/15 athletes who are not permitted to enter the long race in cross country championship events nor the Bagdad premiership round. Point scoring is on the following basis: 1st=10, 2nd=9, 3rd=8, 4th=7, 5th=6, 6th=5, 7th=4, 8th=3, 9th=2, 10th=1

Road Championship Rounds 2017:
Round 1 29 April Police Academy 4.5km & 9km
Round 2 13 May Government House 3.2km
Round 3 03 June Ridgeway 2.5km & 5km
Round 4 15 July Baskerville 4km & 8km
Round 5 02 September Kempton 4km & 8km

Cross Country Championship Rounds 2017:
Round 1 22 April Domain 4km & 8km
Round 2 27 May Huntingfield 5km & 10km
Round 3 10 June Gellibrand Drive 4.5km & 9km
Round 4 22 July Grove 4km & 8km
Round 5 05 August Opossum Bay 4.5km & 9km

Handicap Champions
The points scored in handicap races are awarded on the basis of 1st – 15 points, 2nd – 14 points, 3rd – 13 points etc through to 1 point for 15th, regardless of age group or gender. Points earned in the longer race count equally with point earned in the shorter race. The handicap champion is determined by the aggregate of points gained in the handicap races by the end of the season.

Handicap Award Rounds 2017:
Round 1 20 May Wentworth Park 4km & 8km
Round 2 17 June Claremont Foreshore 4km & 8km
Round 3 19 August * Froggy Wise Domain Loop 4.5km & 9Km
* Premiership Round

Relay Shield
One Event 16 September Tolosa Park 3 Runners x 3 x 1.5km, which is base on the total points for the round. All athletes to be registered, no registrations accepted on the day.

Download the pdf Calendar for winter 2017, includes descriptions of each location we visit. Signing up is just $50 (Out Of Stadium) through our club portal. And next race is listed on the side here.

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Registrations 2017/18

Full Registration 2017-18 (including DAC Training Levy) - $180.00


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