Cross Country

Cross Country
AKA Out Of Stadium (OOS) or Winter Competition is held in the winter months between April and September each year, Rego for the shortened 2020 (July – September) is now available $30. We compete in the local interclub competition organised by Athletics South and runs occur in and around Hobart, Tasmania. Races are every Saturday starting at 10am with two distances to choose from.

Athletics South COVID Safety Plan has been approved by AT and the AS Winter Season is confirmed to commence this Saturday at 11th July 10am at Bellerive Beach.

You will need to be registered with a club by 8pm this Friday if you intend on participating in Round 1. This is a critical component of our Safety Plan and there will be no exceptions to this regulation.

AS COVID Safety Plan Winter 2020

Winter Calendar 2020

Club Duty Roster Winter 2020

Due to restrictions and hygiene measures associated with COVID-19, there will be a number of changes to our usual format, including:

  • No entry fees

  • No provision of drinks

  • No club tents for the first few weeks

Whilst entry is free each week participants MUST be registered ($30) with a club beforehand in order to compete. This is an essential requirement under our COVID Safety Plan in order to keep track of participants for potential contact tracing purposes and will be strictly enforced.

It is great for all the family (10 and older) – some people prefer to make it a social event, whilst others enjoy the competition. The program is designed to fit around the major Tasmanian fun runs.

The shortened 2020 Cross Country  Season in coming soon with First race at Bellerive Beach on Saturday 11th July.

Some changes for 2020

Will we be still using the new timing system introduced in 2019 with the use of barcodes, same style as Parkrun. In fact you can use your Parkrun Barcode at our runs, so no need to carry a second barcode around. Barcodes can be obtained from the following here, print it and don’t forget it. Also while you are at it select your club as “Sandy Bay Harriers”. Still need to be registered for Out Of Stadium rego of $30 Click Here.

Entry Procedures
All Athletics South events start at 10:00am most events give a choice of two distances. Entries should be received no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the race. The entry procedure involves tick your name off with you club and nominating your distance. All athletes will be required to have a personal barcode to be scanned with their finishing order barcode to record results. No barcode, no result.

All Athletes must be registered for out of stadium (OOS) competition to compete, as per the requirements of Athletics Tasmania. Refer to Club Registrars for conditions and fees. To be eligible to compete all athletes must be registered prior to 2000 (8pm) on the Friday beforehand.

Link to past Cross Country Seasons

Registrations 2020

Register Now for the shortened 2020 Cross Country season (July - September) for $30

Upcoming Events

Cross Country 2020
Saturday 11 July
Bellerive Beach – Graeme Cruise Memorial

Saturday 18 July – Domain Xroads – Max Cherry Loop

Saturday 25 July – Sandford – Gellibrand Drive

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